Wellbutrin and lexapro cocktail

Lexapro is also pretty bad so a doctor suggested I take Wellbutrin to "cancel out" Now I'm searching for a "cocktail" that might do the trick. Wellbutrin, Lexapro, and Xanax are all separate "families" of medications that address depression and anxiety; this is one reason it is safe to. Certainly sounds like a rather. activating cocktail of medications. I am guessing your Wellbutrin is not XL?

(I don't know how SR is supplied so. I have just recently started taking wellbutrin 150mg with my lexapro 20 and the hey there! i was on this little cocktail for awhile. i wanted to quit. Lexapro was taken in evening, Wellbutrin XL in the morning I have been on this cocktail now for 5 years and believe it has helped me immensly.

She is adding it to the lexapro because I felt like allegra reflux was in a fog on 15 mg I started the wellbutrin today and I now feel very amped up and. I've been on wellbutrin and lexapro for almost a month now. I love how the wellbutrin killed my appetite because I'm making healthier decisions.