Warframe soma vs boltor

Boltor Prime vs Soma Prime. Which do you think is better, and why? English. #Gaming #warframe. Comment Reply Start Topic. Report.

Warframe soma vs boltor

Warframe soma vs boltor. For Warframeon the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQsmessage board topic titled optimal builds for the soma/boltor prime/dragon nikana? Does divalproex make you sleepy soma prime vs tigris prime Warframe DPS Boltor vs Status Soma Vs.

Status Braton Warframe Soma Or Boltor Prime (Crit King V Meat Grinder). So I've been wondering this for a while, which gun is better? Assuming they're both primed and properly modded (excluding fancy Riven mods). Latron Prime Level 7 vase damage vs grineer (no headshots and such): 1200.

Aug 12, 2014. acceptable casualty (TK)'s profile photo, acceptable casualty (TK). Why would you use 40 soma prime size: 13.08 MB - Duration: 9:18 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps - FileType: mp3. download. warframe dps boltor vs status soma vs.

status. Warframe DPS Boltor vs Status Soma Vs. Status Braton. "Incorrect, Braton Prime Status builds destroy high level endgame enemies better than any other auto. Tambien me ofrecieron la soma prime, pero estoy en una duda muy grande, ¿Boltor Prime VS Soma Prime?

soma warframe vs boltor

Xd ¿Cual es mejor? Me han dicho. The best allround is probably soma p or Boltor p. They're both top tier and easy to use. They have little draw backs as all you need to do is just. Gotta give it too them both though, max out fire rate mods and just seeing the weapons puke out the mag is hilarious.

Might as well just throw the mag instead of.