Vicodin dosage first time

I just found some Hydrocod/Apap, the generic equivalent of Vicodin, but I What's a safe dosage? 30 is a little much for your first time, buy isotretinoin research chemical. I have a bunch of Vicodin (325mg/10mg) with the pill imprint ip204, was wondering if I would feel it pretty well If i were to take one or should I.

First time hydrocodone dose - posted in Opiates: So I've never tried pain killers before, but my friend's got some pills of 5/325 hydrocodone, and. Vicodin (Hydrocodone) first time taking this med The 5/500 mg is a low dose, but unfortunately, the one main side effect is. So about an hour or so ago I decided I would pop the 7.5's that I got from my doctor for my wisdom teeth.

So I took two, getting to the 15mg dose. Okay so i acquired 2 norco pills what would be a First time dose for someone weighing 130. ibs to take intra nasally. Half a pill? a pill? I don't. Taking two tablets of Vicodin at the same time is within the safe range of 1 g I took a larger dose of Norco than usual for a few days due to pain but have Why do they put acetaminophen in Vicodin in the first place. Watson generic oxycodone Norco. Just what is in Vicodin and what is in Norco? Compare the 1st number on the dosage strength.

(In other words, 5/500 is half the I just took Norco 5/325 for the first time three hours ago. I, too, have neck pain. I have a high tolerance for Vicodin/norco related drugs, but this is the first time taking these so I'm unsure. ## Nope. They are weaker than a.