Sotalol 80 mg for dogs

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Sotalol is a non-selective beta-blocking agent, and is used to correct an irregular sotalol-1. Give this medication accutane sleeplessness your pet as directed by your veterinarian. Sotalol 80 mg tablets are used to treat irregular heartbeats in dogs. Sotalol is a beta blocker for ventricular tachycardia used to treat certain types of heart arrhythmia. My 15 lb dog just ate 80 mg of sotalol.

Do we need to make her vomit? She is BJ, 11 years old, ate her supper about 45 - Answered by a. He prescribed him Sotalol 80 mg 1/2 every 12 hours and Rimadryl for his My 4 year old boxer, Major, died in my arms at isotretinoin wann einnehmen local dog park.

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Sotalol (Betapace) is used for treating a serious irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia Sotalol 80 mg-TEV, white, oblong. Sotalol 160 mg-TEV. Sotalol can mask the signs of low blood sugar. It should be used very carefully in pets with diabe- tes.

Sotalol 80 Mg For Dogs

If your diabetic pet receives sotalol. your veterinarian.