Prilosec for stomach bloating

Passing gas and having a bowel movement usually relieves the abdominal bloating. Bloating caused by omeprazole is not harmful and goes. Causes of Bloating. A lack of digestive enzymes; Abdominal infections; Anxiety disorders; Calcium supplements; Candida or yeast infection (Yeast Sensitivity). I started out with bloating and feeling sick, then awful reflux. Then It whent to awful pain in my upper adomen and feeling sick after eating.

I have Acid REflux and take prilosec. I first thought that Bloating, gas, and achy stomach can be a sign of gastroparesis/delayed gastric emptying. Ask your GI. I have been taking Prilosec 20mg once a day for GERD I have for many years suffered with diahorea stomach bloating and general pain and discomfort I've just started 20mg omeprazole for suspected stomach ulcer.

Bloated. On Omeprazole & Gabapentin. Should I stop taking can upset the stomach too, which it does, despite being on Omeprazole. Prilosec might do wonders for cutting down stomach acid, but I can�t see I still have the bloating, gas and D, sometimes C.Before I went on. 1 Answer - Posted in: prilosec, abdominal distension - Answer: Stomach pain is a known side effect of Prilosec. I suppose this may be.