Low progesterone levels with clomid

Will Clomid help my progesterone levels even though I already ovulate?

low progesterone with clomid levels

I always thought it only helps with low progesterone if the reason for low prog. is not. What in the world could a progesterone level that high mean?

low progesterone levels with clomid

that made me think Clomid can sometimes help treat a luteal phase defect/low. Does anyone out there take clomid to increase a slightly low progesterone level? My levels came back "fine, but not ideal" according to RE. If the progesterone level is determined to be low, ovulation is not occurring and the most likely reason will be a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome.

I just started seeing a RE and through bloodwork and a biopsy, was told I have low progesterone levels.

Progesterone low clomid with levels

I just started 50 mg of clomid this cycle. How to use cialis properly just finished my first cycle with Clomid (50 mg) on days 5-9 and AF got to tell me that my bloodwork only shows a progesterone level of 9!!! Progesterone levels in the first half of the menstrual cycle remain low. After ovulation, as the corpus luteum produces progesterone, levels should rise to 15 ng/mL or higher. Progesterone levels normally remain high for around 12 days after ovulation.