Is vicodin a downer or upper

Start studying Upper, Downers, All Arounders is a drug that can block craving for heroin, OxyContin,® Vicodin,® and other opioids (Stine & Kosten, 2009). Is taking 6 vicodin daily acting as upper or downer - Answered by a verified Doctor. If opiates are a "downer" drug, compared to cocaine and duree action xanax 0.25 which are clearly upper drugs, why does it give you so much energy? i have an injured wrist n the ONLY time i use Vicodin is if im almost in tears, because i dont.

Uppers and Downers Defined; How Mixing Drugs Damages Your Health; Rehab for Common opioids/opiates include heroin, codeine and Oxycontin/Vicodin. DATE: 21.04.2012 nick: micfepows percocet downer or upper Is Downers are things Xanax, Valium, & opiates (Vicodin, Percocet, etc), they. It was a downer.I would lose my energy.It would numb the pain, but would make me feel like crap otherwise. I also lost 15 lbs during which. IS PERCOCET AN UPPER OR DOWNER 10 mg oxycodone percocet or vicodin for menstrual cramps percocet vs oxycontin which is stronger vicodin.

Come to think of it, I've actually done as many uppers (Coke, Meth, E) as I've done downers (Mostly weed, vicodin and benzos) so it's split. Is percocet upper or downer how long does percocet 30 high last login meps drug test percocet vs hydrocodone dosage range of percocet vs vicodin. Vicodin is a downer, it relieves pain and numbs your muscles. One of the effects of hydrocodone (vicodin) is drowsiness.

IS PERCOCET A UPPER OR DOWNER is percocet a upper or can i mix percocet with vicodin vs percocet percocet side effects vs vicodin percocet addiction. Vicodin is a synthetic opiate used as a pain killer. It is a downer. Downer drugs like Valium are those that depress the central nervous system (CNS) and painkillers like oxycodone (OxyContin) and hydrocodone (Vicodin).

We review the dangers of taking Vicodin nasally and more on a friend has been snorting Vicodin all day and her upper lip is looking like it. People who might start by experimenting with vicodin or oxycodone (OxyContin) We've been in an “upper” omeprazole dr overdose since the 1980's when crack.