Injection ondansetron hydrochloride per 1 mg

Each 1 mL of aqueous solution in the 20-mL multidose vial contains 2 mg of ondansetron as the hydrochloride dihydrate; 8.3 mg of sodium chloride, USP; 0.5 mg of citric acid monohydrate, USP and 0.25 mg of sodium citrate dihydrate, USP as buffers; and 1.2 mg of methylparaben, NF and 0.15 mg of propylparaben, NF as.

Olanzapine, long-acting, 1 mg NDC: Zyprexa, Relprevv b J2360 Injection, 15, 50 b J2405 Injection, ondansetron hydrochloride, per indikasi obat lasix injeksi mg NDC: Zofran IOM.

ondansetron per 1 mg injection hydrochloride

Ondansetron HCl (PF) 4 mg/2 mL injection solution Brand name(s): Zofran Your doctor may direct you to continue this medication for 1 or 2 days after your. J2405 - Injection, ondansetron hydrochloride, per 1 mg. The above description is abbreviated.

ondansetron hydrochloride mg 1 injection per

This code description may also have Includes, Excludes, Notes. Injection, ondansetron hydrochloride, per 1 mg ( Ondansetron hcl injection ). Additionally : You can get information about “J2405” HCPCS code in J2405 in TXT.

1 ml solution for injection contains 2 mg ondansetron as ondansetron hydrochloride dihydrate.

Mg ondansetron per hydrochloride injection 1

Each ampoule with 2 ml contains 4 mg ondansetron 1 ml solution for injection contains 3.34 mg of sodium as sodium citrate dihydrate and sodium chloride. Find patient medical information for Ondansetron Hcl (PF) Injection on WebMD including its How to use Ondansetron Hcl (PF) 4 Mg/2 Ml Injection Solution.

ZOFRAN INJECTION (Ondansetron) drug information & product resources from 0.15mg/kg (max 16mg/dose) IV every 4hrs for 3 doses beginning 30 mins in not less than 30 seconds, preferably over 2–5 mins: 1 month: see full labeling.