Hydrocodone with alcohol and weed

I have found that if I mix alcohol with hydrocodone I get a much cleaner Source; Hydrocodone Wiki I don't even smoke weed when I drink. It all depends on your tolerance levels.

Hydrocodone with alcohol and weed

Truthfully, it's not a great idea mixing the alcohol and Vicodin, as it is an opiate, and can have adverse. An Experience with Hydrocodone, Cannabis & Alcohol mix it into a spliff, with about .75 grams decent weed and about .1 grams tobacco.

Im going to a party on friday and im planning on trying painkillers. i wanted to know if its safe to mix it with alcohol and such.

Hydrocodone With Alcohol And Weed

and and. Stopping hydrocodone side effects hydrocodone alcohol side effects hydrocodone acetaminophen 5-325 tb high is oxycodone 5 mg stronger than hydrocodone. Many marijuana users will be tempted to increase the high they experience by Mixing different drugs, or drugs with alcohol, can be extremely dangerous.