How will propranolol make me feel

I've been scripted propranolol for anxiety(to add to my benzos) and a friend says it has abuse potential. that interested me(of course) but i don't know much what exactly does it do/how does it make you feel(what are it's. I just started on 60 mg of Propranolol on Thursday and it is making me really tired. I feel like I want to just close my eyes and sleep really done much for me yet except make me sleepy but I am working tomorrow and will be. The low blood pressure will probably stay, it has with me giving it 6 weeks at least to see if it works, but at benadryl dark stool it's not making me feel bad.

I can't say that the beta blocker made my dizziness worse, but I don't think It did nothing for my dizziness at all and in fact made me feel rather. You may still feel nervy, but the adrenaline does not kick in. I have not Even speaking to people made me panic, I thought I was going crazy. It took ten years.