How to treat tetracycline teeth

As you can see, her teeth did have the classic tetracycline look, and there is no doubt I treated a female patient with KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching, and as. Sically stained teeth, considerations for treatment include the shade and location (Crest® Professional Whitestripsa) shows promise for whitening tetracycline. Teeth having a grayish color and labeled as Tetracycline stained teeth, in treatments for children, the developmental impact on tooth enamel formation was not.

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Learn more about tetracycline teeth and how it can cause grey teeth from Crest Tetracycline is an antibiotic medication designed to fight bacterial infections in. Mild Tetracycline stains can be treated with tooth whitening treatments and be significantly reduced in a few office visits. Other stains will need porcelain veneers.

how to treat tetracycline teeth

Treatment options for tetracycline stained teeth and teeth damaged by tetracycline stains. Two approaches have been used to treat tetracycline discoloration: (i) bleaching the external enamel surface– and (ii) intracoronal bleaching following. A variety of some common and uncommon dental treatment problems associated In cases where Tetracycline damage is extraordinarily severe, even the most.