Escitalopram and dilated pupils

and dilated escitalopram pupils

Hi Folks,I started on lexapro last Wednesday and what a roller coaster. Started on 10 mg first but after a lot of negative side effects doc but me. Hi All, ) ) So I went onto Lexapro 8 days ago, 5 mg for the first two days, then 10. By day 6 I was a complete zombie and realized I had to go. I don't know if these uneven pupils might be side effects of Lexapro pupil dilation had been ever diagnosed with a tumor or some such. Dilated Pupils is a known side effect of Escitalopram.

Disclaimer. #90 in Escitalopram discussions - 5 posts discuss Dilated Pupils with Escitalopram. Dilated. I'm currently on: Lamictal 200 mg Fluanxol 2 mg Lexapro 10 mg Edronax 4 mg Is it possible that any of these meds cause dilated pupils? 1 Answer (question resolved) - Posted in: lexapro, sleep - Answer: Been on 10 mg Lexapro day 3 - lack of sleep and pupils really dialiated.

Escitalopram And Dilated Pupils

Started lexapro 5mg about 5 days ago and I've been noticing that my pupils are dilated. Not as dilated as on MDMA, but for sure bigger than.

and dilated escitalopram pupils

Lexapro is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, so it increases the causing the pupil to dilate, which counters the constriction which is.