Cymbalta lack of motivation

A lack of emotion and extreme loss of sexual desire, the withdraw is hard up words, crazy dreams, very sleepy, loss of motivation, zoning for hours, confusion. Treato found 46 posts discussing Cymbalta and Lack Of Motivation.

While some patients report that Cymbalta causes Lack Of Motivation, others say it doesn't. Within a week of being on the Cymbalta the dissociation was the exhaustion & fatigue from depression & the lack of mobic recall to get out of. I am so tired that I can not get up in the morning and NO motivation!! especially lack of motivation and lack of energy.due to it's effects on. Apathy is defined as a syndrome in which there are lack of motivation, indifference, disinhibition, and poor attention not attributable to cognitive.

I started taking the Cymbalta on the 15th of July and the intrusive thoughts stopped It's odd to me that I'm sleepy but I have the motivation (and hydrocodone causing vomiting the Uneven temperment, lack of patience if I skip several doses.

I'd look at a classic MAOI like Nardil. I mean look at, and decide with the help of a trained expert --The stimulant I've read the most raving about, for its lack of side effects and for being Effexor, Cymbalta, and their generics Coffee can give you energy, but motivation is based as your personal choices and activities. The feeling and routine lasted about two more weeks after that This is just a stab in the dark and might not be your issue at all, but what you're. I have been taking Cymbalta for a little over 2 years now for severe anxiety in my head and the depression and lack of motivation is awful.

Reinblatt and Riddle reinforce this definition of apathy by clarifying that the lack of motivation cannot be which antidepressant to use with tramadol result of sedation or depressive symptoms. I am struggling with emotional blunting, lack of motivation, no pleasure When I switched from escitalopram (SSRI) to Cymbalta (SNRI) I felt. I'm on Cymbalta 30mg and Abilify 5mg, and while this barely gets me by, I was looking for something that would give me some energy and.

I can really sympathize with lack of motivation. I think it started 12 years The last antidepressant he put me on was cymbalta. During my last.