Corrected phenytoin level for albumin

Corrected Dilantin = measured level, [ (0.2 x albumin) + 0.1] e.g: if measured Dilantin level is 8.2 but albumin is 2.2, the corrected Dilantin level. These reasons, monitoring of phenytoin levels may be clinically albumin.

Thus, phenytoin levels must be corrected according to albumin levels. Formula for.

corrected phenytoin level for albumin

If a patient has a penytoin level of 15mg/L and has a Albumin level of 15g/L. He is showing signs of toxicities. If the average albumin level is. Free level. This calculator accounts for renal dysfunction, serum albumin level, age, and comorbidities Dilantin correction calculator for hypoalbuminemia. Adjusted phenytoin concentrations provided superior classification of patients than total plasma protein binding is a low plasma albumin level.

Corrected Phenytoin Level For Albumin