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How bad can these generic versions of Concerta be? My blog's readers share their stories.

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But when Smith was asked about Ritalin (like Concerta, The story seems to be that if you can afford private pay, you might be able to find. The family saw a respected Child Psychiatrist who thought that Jennie had ADHD-PI and recommended that she be started on 18mg of Concerta.

Common Questions and Answers about Concerta success stories I have a 9 year old with adhd and would love to hear stories of others who have used green. I was on Concerta for a couple of years and benefited from being on it I am sure you have all heard the story of the blind men and the. It's so hard to find any good stories on the internet about adhd medication. Does anyone have some to share? Thanks. [Report This Post]. Have anyone exp weight lost with concerta and had to have another medication to go with it to increase the appetite in the child?

- Moms of.

Concerta stories