Blocked right tube and clomid

clomid tube and right blocked

I had my HSG done earlier this week, and no dye went into my right tube, which I am assuming is blocked from scar tissue from a tubal reversal. Basically what I am asking is cause I have got no right tube and had my cyst on my left ovary ( which the did NOT remove) what is my chances of getting caught. I want to try clomid in a couple weeks what are my chances of getting My right Fallopian tube is blocked due to "collection of contrast. There are different types of fallopian tube blockages. Because the fallopian tubes have different parts and are a tube, there may be different parts of the tube.

I to have only one tube.

And clomid blocked right tube

My right tube is blocked, I had 2 IUI cycles with clomid knowing this and the first one failed and the 2nd ended in an. Blocked fallopian tubes are a major cause of infertility in women. Find out If you have blockages on both sides there is a surgery.

Clomid and blocked tube right

And about. I have one blocked tubejust found out in march after hsg I am going to be taking clomid for the second cycle and i just hope the right side. In Dec I had a HSG and discovered my left tube is blocked I am on my 3rd cycle of clomid right now.the first time, I had a follicle on each.